What We Do


That’s how we work.

Clear thinking, good planning, great execution.

Delivered with honesty, integrity, energy and passion.

With the ability to pivot quickly and successfully.

In a fast moving world.

Tailored to you; as one size doesn’t fit all.


That’s how we support you.

Drive Clarity

We will work with you as a trusted friend, advisor, mentor and critic to help you clarify your vision, business strategy and objectives.

  • What is your business plan?
  • Does your financial model support the business plan?
  • How do you define your market and your value proposition?
  • Why do you do what you do?
  • What’s compelling about it? What’s your unfair advantage?
  • Why you and not the competition?
  • What’s your business plan and marketing plan for success?

Scale Up :
Clarify Your Strategy

Once you have established clarity we will support you as you execute on those plans and drive forward to achieve those goals.

  • Do you have a Coherent Vision, Objectives, Strategy, Exit Plan; with an agreed ‘Why’, ‘What’, ‘How’?
  • Do you have full stakeholder commitment and support?
  • Is your Global Market Offering compelling, does it have an unfair advantage and massive headroom?
  • Do you have an agreed Business Case, Financial Plan, Go-To-Market Plan, Operating Model?  Do the numbers work?
  • Is your organisational structure agreed, scalable, appropriate?
  • Is there and agreed and appropriate exit plan?

Scale Up :
Be Well Financed

Do you have sufficient working capital for fast global promotion, sales, delivery, support?

  • With at least 25% contingency against your worst case plan and best case plan?
  • With full facilities to finance additional working capital during expansion
  • And with good relationships with finance providers for the long haul?

Scale Up :
Have the Right People

Once you have established clarity we will support you as you execute on those plans and drive forward to achieve those goals.  Rapid and geographic growth gives its own peculiar pressures on the existing and new staff team.

  • Do you have the right team in the right place with the right rewards?
  • Are they all aligned to the vision, strategy, objectives?
  • Do you have an On-boarding Plan, Training Plan, Recruitment Plan?
  • Are you operating with the right culture and values, and are they well articulated?
  • Do you have an Internal Communication Plan to keep the staff involved

Scale Up :
Execute Well

Excellent operational execution is key to realising your scale-up plan.  Rapid and geographic growth demands good planning and close attention to every element of the operational execution.

  • Is the brand global, with strong supporting Brand Values, Promotion Plan, Marketing Plan, Sales Plan.
  • Will these plans cope with rapid acceleration?
  • Do you have a tested and agreed Operational & Delivery Plan?
  • How do you ensure you continue to sell the right thing to the right people, globally, consistently, and for profit?
  • As growth happens, pay close attention to Customers, Partners, Suppliers, Sourcing, Channels, Offering, Pricing, and the Supply Chain.
  • Don’t forget Risk Management, Governance, Quality Management.
  • Is your IP protected, locally, regionally and/or globally?

Scale Up :
With Appropriate, Robust Infrastructure

Your infrastructure needs to be able to grow and flex as the company scales.

  • Do you have massively scalable and flexible web-based support and back-office systems (Finance, Operations, Sales Support, Projects, HR, Supply Chain, etc)?
  • Will the Customer Service and Post-Sales support processes scale as required?
  • What is your global Asset Management strategy?
  • How will you deliver Executive and Management reporting?  Will there be agreed (and right) KPI’s, at the right ‘rhythm’ for the business?
  • How will you put in place a Continuous Improvement process, that scales and improves the business as the business itself scales?


Please contact us for a detailed template on the key Scale-Up priorities.

Exit Planning

No successful journey starts without a clear destination. We will help you plan for your next ‘event’, whether that is acquisition, merger, succession, sale, IPO or other exit strategy.

This will be a 2-5 year journey, so don’t leave it too late.

We have defined a 10-pillar process to help you maximise your exit.  Contact us for a free copy.

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  • Proposition Definition and Sales Planning
  • Go To Market Planning
  • Business Planning
  • Financing
  • Operational Planning and Support
  • Scale Up Support
  • Exit Planning

Who We Are

We are driven by passion and belief.

Passion: Our passion is for businesses and organisations to be clearly focused and run really well; successfully managing change as they grow; understanding their ‘why’ and then being excellent at their ‘what’ and ‘how’.  To have in place a clear and workable Business Strategy Plan, Business Plan and Scale-Up Plan; supported by a strong Finance, Marketing, Sales, Growth and Operational Plans; and delivered with honesty, integrity, energy and passion.

Belief: We believe that when this happens, this will benefit not only the immediate stakeholders but those in the wider context. Transforming and scaling up a business will positively change the lives of those that it impacts. We have a duty to do it well.

All of the principals are experts in what they do, with many years of ‘C’ level experience and a strong commitment to delivering growth and excellence.

Auxilio Advisors was previously known as Corporate Analytics.  We rebranded in 2017 to reflect our growing focus at Technology Scale-Up and Exit Planning.

Nigel Bridges
Strategy, Leadership & Business Development

Nigel’s focus has always been at the nexus of technology and business, working with organisations that use technology as a transformation enabler. He has lead and grown UK and international business and business units ranging from $500k to >$100m in roles up to CEO level. Nigel’s strengths are in strategy, business development and leadership support.

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Mike Townend
Proposition Building, Positioning & Marketing

Mike’s focus has always been on the proposition, marketing and business development aspects of technology-focused businesses. He has worked to ‘C’ level with hardware, software and professional services organisations globally and is equally comfortable working with a start-up as with a corporate. Mike’s strengths are in marketing strategy, proposition building and sales-lead business development.

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David Savile
Operational Excellence and Governance

David’s focus has been on the operational aspects of organisations, putting in the rigour required to support growth whilst minimising risk. He spent 17 years as CEO leading a high performing, highly admired UK PLC, growing the mkt. cap by 800% before moving into advisory. David’s strengths are in operations and governance.

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