Our happy clients...

Engaging with Corporate Analytics they became an incredible asset to myself and the business. We worked through every aspect of the business. They made sure that I understood and could use what we had created. Their experience and knowledge has been second to none and has helped us grow the business. We have seen a direct increase in our revenues as a result of their hard work and mentoring. I have personally developed as a Director learning and fine tuning my skills. I would have no hesitation in recommending them. I am looking forward to continuing working with them in the future.

Ashley Fernandez, Managing Director - Colva

Working with Nigel has been very beneficial in that he removes you from the daily buzz so as to step back, take stock and focus. It is all too easy to get sucked into the day to day but strategic thinking is an essential discipline in business and Nigel assists greatly here. With his knowledge & experience, he is a great sounding board and we have had a number of exciting discussions which I look forward to. My colleagues and I have responded positively to the changes suggested by Nigel which are beginning to show returns, not just financially but in the overall well-being of the team. I appreciate his support and can highly recommend him.

David Morgan, Managing Director - Sure Communications

Nigel not only showed he had a great grasp on understanding what needs to be in place for a business to grow but also had experience from previous roles of my business sector. The board and Nigel have ensured I have created business plans, actions and targets which have allowed me to believe that my business can grow and put the plans in place to enable this growth. The board has also been a fantastic sounding board for issues and ideas with some great thoughts, feedback and resolutions that have meant that I have developed as a director, the business has moved forward and the 1 to 1’s with Nigel have given me confidence and perspective into the capabilities that I and my business are able to deliver.

Mark Lloyd, Founder & Managing Director - 6th Level Marketing

Working with Nigel has been a continued successful experience for the company and for me personally. Nigel brings a clarity of vision and focus of purpose at board level which is very useful when needing to step away from the hectic day-to-day of running a growing company and look at key company indicators and strategic positioning. Nigel is always professional & knowledgeable and has always impressed me with his personal integrity and warmth & calmness under pressure. I highly recommend working with Nigel.

Stewart Boutcher, Managing Director - 650hours

When I first met Nigel and he explained how the peer board worked, I was intrigued. I had never before experienced peer boarding between businesses so I went along to a taster board to find out for myself. It was fascinating! The ability to bring to the table anything of a business nature and have a number of entrepreneurial minds work on that issue with you in order to come up with a range of potential solutions and help formulate an action plan, all in absolute confidence, is priceless.

Paul O’Connell, Partner - Francis Clark

I had totally underestimated the depth of Nigel's personal business knowledge and his ability to guide me towards business and personal clarity. Nigel is an extremely professional, calm, knowledgeable and motivating businessman. His integrity and ability to mentor and guide business owners is exceptional. Nigel has definitely made me better in business and his insight and guidance is helping me and my team to drive the business in the direction that we are aiming for. I wholeheartedly recommend that you meet with Nigel!

Jane Fish, Managing Director - Ministry of Fish